London Cocktail Society members come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and level of interest. Anyone can be a member, that’s important, and anyone can apply to come to events after signing up on the website. The membership includes some well known names and faces from the bar scene, however is predominantly made up of amateur enthusiasts, so don’t be afraid if you’ve never tried a ‘proper’ cocktail before, we’re here to make that first time amazing.

The aims of the society have always been very simple:

  • connect consumers with higher level, more ‘geeky’ information and events that are often reserved for the ‘on trade’
  • create one place where you can learn about the huge number of different spirits available out there, rather than having to go to each brand directly, or limit yourself to a single category (not that we don’t love rum club and juniper society!)
  • connect fellow cocktail lovers! As many cocktail fans know, it can often be difficult to persuade others to go to a cocktail bar when they’d rather be drinking a pint in a wetherspoons. Each to their own, but we’re firmly about the cocktails!

It doesn’t matter what your level of knowledge is, we simply ask two things: that you are interested in spirits and cocktails, and you’re up for meeting others that feel the same.


How the society works

It’s simple really:

  • Sign up to be a member (basic or premium levels available)
  • Recieve notifications of events to your email address
  • RSVP if you would like to attend (most of the time you can request to bring someone with you)
  • All RSVP’s are put into a ‘pot’ and members drawn at random for places at the event
  • Members notified of the outcome either way
  • Unsuccessful members added to a reserve list
  • The EVENT! Cocktails, spirits, awesomeness


History and founding members:

Originally founded in August 2010 by three amateur cocktail enthusiasts and one of their lovely wives…

“Are you the Gin Monkey” said a random bloke in a bar…
“Yes” said the Gin Monkey, quite perplexed.
“Phew, I saw your tweet and wanted to say Hi. I’m the Cocktail Geek!”.

And so, like a bad spy movie full of dodgy aliases, the foundation was laid for what would become the London Cocktail Society.

A couple of weeks later, the Geek, his wife, the monkey and a new addition – the ever wonderful Guide – met in a cocktail bar in Soho (well actually, several). They discussed all things cocktail, booze and spirity. The topic inevitably turned to events, and how as bloggers we were lucky enough to be invited to great events run by brands and bars. Other people would be interested in these we thought. Also, wouldn’t it be great to provide some way of people meeting fellow cocktail enthusiasts? Geek, it turned out, had been searching for such a thing and couldn’t find anything that matched what he wanted. Could it be possible that nobody had created the London Cocktail Society? Turns out they hadn’t. So we did.

As of 2013, the LCS is being run exclusively by Gin Monkey.



Links to all the articles that have been written about the society! A mixture of press, our members and complete randomers – thanks you you all, you’re wonderful!

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