February: Beefeater Distillery Tour

We pulled out all the stops for the end of February and managed to secure a private distillery tour of the Beefeater distillery near the Oval cricket ground.

Arriving on a beautiful day in the sunshine, we assembled in the distillery with master distiller Desmond Payne and brand ambassador Tim Stones to begin our tour. We went through the journey of the gin as it passes through the distillery, from the vats that hold the grain neutral spirit (GNS), to the rooms full of botanicals (they smelt amazing), and the still where the gin is distilled.

It was a fantastic tour, especially as we had Desmond on hand to show us around and impart some of his wealth of gin distilling knowledge. We were then very lucky to have some time in their amazing bar (if I won the lottery my living room would be modeled on it!), where Tim made us some Beefeater cocktails.

It was a brilliant day, combining gin geekery with cocktail loveliness. If you didn’t make it along keep an eye out as we’re hoping to arrange further tours in the future.

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