February: El Dorado at Trailer Happiness

When doing tastings, we like to match the spirit brand with an appropriate bar to get the mood just right.  So when we learned that El Dorado Rum and tiki bar Trailer Happiness were keen to do events with us, well it was a match made in heaven.  International brand ambassador Stephanie Holt hosted the evening with her usual captivating enthusiasm, and led us through a tasting of the entire El Dorado range.

First up was the 3 yr. white rum, with its creamy and tropical fruit flavors, with many members commenting how surprised they were that a white rum could be so delicious neat!  The 5 yr. and 8 yr. old rums were next up, and it immediately became clear that each rum in the range was very distinctive.  The 5 yr. scored top marks for its buttery unctuousness, whilst the 8 yr. received a lot of praise from members who considered this might be the youngest rum worthy of siping neat they had found.  If there was anyone left in the room yet to fall inlove with this fabulous rum brand, the next two rums were certainly going to seal the deal.  Everyone had their favorite out of the 12 and 15 yr. expressions, but all agreed they were as good as rum gets (and it gets good!)

Once we were all suitably refreshed, it was time to get competitive.  Members split themselves into small teams, and were challenged to create their own swizzle-style drink from a bunch of ingredients.  During the tasting, Stephanie has told us that the swizzle is one of the oldest drinks around, and always contained rum, something sweet, something sour, and something bitter.  The ingredients are then simply churned using a swizzle stick with crushed ice to create a refreshing and delicious libation!

With sufficient ingredients for two teams at a time to create their concoction, the remainder of the group undertook the arduous task of checking out the cocktail menu specially created by the team at Trailer Happiness for the event.  The competition entries were varied and tasty enough to make the judging panels job a tricky one.  Regrettably the names of the winners is lost somewhere in the ether but they were no doubt pleased as punch to be returning home with a bottle of El Dorado.

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