January: Monkey Shoulder at the Jub Jub

LCS were lucky enough to be given some places at the first of a series of events being run by Anonymous Artists in conjunction with Monkey Shoulder. Global brand ambassador Dean Callan was on hand to make us some spectacular cocktails including a Malt Jockey which was put into a barrel to age before being revealed at a future event. The recipes for some of the cocktails are listed below along with some photos from the evening:




Monkey Diablo

Half a bottle of Monkey Shoulder infused with vanilla and cinnamon (approx 80ml per person)
1 orange peeled in a horseneck garnish and studded with cloves
1 pot of freshly brewed coffee (always have enough coffee on hand for 2/3 amount of whisky used)
Sugar to taste
Warm the serving dish with a glass of boiling water then discard, add monkey shoulder, vanilla and cinnamon. Set the coffee up next to the dish, then set the orange peel into the centre of the dish fixed at the top to a set of tongs or a bar spoon. Light the whisky on fire, now using a ladle pour the whisky down the peel again and again until the clove and orange flavour has infused with the whisky (carefully!). Once the desired effect is achieved extinguish flame and pour in coffee. Taste the mixture and sugar to taste.



Malt Jockey

40ml Monkey Shoulder
30ml sweet vermouth
10ml maraschino liqueur
2 dashes chocolate bitters
Stir and strain, garnish with an Orange Twist.



Artist’s Special

40ml Monkey Shoulder
30ml amontillado sherry
30ml fresh lemon juice
25ml Redcurrant syrup (50:50 redcurrants and sugar, boiled down with enough water to cover)
Shake and strain, twist of orange over the top (and then discard).

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