January: Remy Martin at LCC

Our first Cognac event took place at the LCC on Goodge Street with Remy Martin. A few thoughts from a some of our members below…

“As beautifully presented an evening as it was to taste. Passionately and eloquently spoken by our marvellous hostess, this was a seductive introduction into the world of fine Cognac.”
Lewis Byrne

“It was a really enjoyable event – informative (I now know at least something about cognac…!), generous and fun – perfect!”

I really enjoyed the evening, the pre event cocktails a lovely unexpected surprise. I loved the French mojito! I thought the presentation was pitched at just the right level, really informative and interesting and not too long. I found the Remy representative had a great style and delivery delightful, really engaging and her passion for the brand was very clear. The event was very popular so the area was pretty packed but she still managed to make sure the whole room felt involved. Remy Martin put on a really great evening, a big thanks for their generosity. The canapés were pretty special too. Just a pity it was a ‘school night’ !!
Jan McGinley

“The LCS was treated to a fantastic event put on by Cognac Kings, Remy Martin at the London Cocktail Club. The presentation was informative without being too drawn out (a sadly all-too-common problem.) Leaving us more time to get to talk one on one, and also appreciate the very well chosen cocktail menu. I was most pleasantly surprised by the Remy-based Mojito. The exceptional gift bags and seemingly bottomless bar tab were greatly appreciated and really made the evening stand out in my mind, and perhaps a bit in my hangover 🙂 Thank you very much for having us, it was a great evening!”
Ryan Alexander

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