July: Gin Mare at Saf

It is no secret that we are partial to a drop or two of gin, and welcome the diversity that the category now offers drinkers.  One such gin that steps outside of the traditional botanical profile is Gin Mare. In addition to the common gin botanicals, including of course juniper, Gin Mare introduces a decidedly Mediterranean flavour with the use of rosemary, thyme, olive and basil.

To check out this relatively new gin, we headed along to Saf, a vegan restaurant in Shoreditch for a bit of a tasting.  Saf kindly allowed us the use of their courtyard which was the perfect venue to check out a gin with such a summery vibe.  In amongst the seating, the courtyard plays home to a wide range of plants that are used in the cooking of the restaurant.  Of particular envy was the outdoor bar, fashioned from a greenhouse!

We were treated to a tasting of the gin which, despite being far from classical in taste, won much applaud from members.  The juniper shone through sufficiently to ensure there was no doubt this was a gin, but the Mediterranean botanicals added a summery and distinctly savoury note that was generally considered a great success.  Several cocktails were offered up for tasting to demonstrate the versatility of this gin in addition to the essential G+T, but garnished with a choice of basil, rosemary or thyme.  Truly unique gins are increasingly hard to come by, and it is always a risk to go off-piste but from our members reaction, Gin Mare has succeeded on both counts.

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