June: Bombay Sapphire at Graphic

In June we were very lucky to host a weekend event at Graphic bar in Soho. Sean Ware, Bombay Sapphire brand ambassador and long supporter of the LCS (he hosted our second ever event when he was working at Callooh Callay), talked us through Bombay Spirits and the gin category in general.

With a bespoke cocktail menu on offer utilising some of Sean’s brilliant home made ingredients, tables set up with Bombay’s aroma kits, tasting glasses and plenty of water (it was 1pm in the afternoon after all!) all that we needed was our lovely members to turn up, and turn up they did, in their droves!

We were given a rare opportunity to taste the difference between a steeped gin (botanicals in the belly of the still) and a vapour infused gin (botanicals sit in a basket above the belly and the gin is infused as the vapours pass through the basket – the way that Bombay spirits are distilled). Produced in the Bacardi Brown Forman labs in America, it was really interesting to see how the different methods of distillation produced different qualities in the gins. Then it was onto a blind tasting of a number of different styles of gin. In the order that they were tasted we sampled:

  • Bombay Dry (vapour infused)
  • Three Corner Dry Gin (only 2 botanicals)
  • Bombay Sapphire (vapour infused and 2 additional botanicals to Bombay Dry)
  • Sipsmith (traditional steeped London Dry)
  • Monkey 47 (47 different botanicals)

Whilst tasting the various spirits we utilised the Bombay aroma kits designed by aroma expert Dr George Dodd, which split the aromas found in gins into 28 separate commonly found constituent parts. Sean guided us though how using these kits can help when nosing and tasting gins

Some tweets from the day and beyond:

  • @miss_glassy: Just about to get stuck into some gin tasting with @BSapphireGinUK and @The_LCS (@ Graphic) 4sq.com/MxbYKI
  • @miss_glassy: Punch and a gin wheel at @The_LCS instagr.am/p/L7y-bNq9uB/#
  • @Di9it8 Sean with @The_LCS @graphicbar & @BombaySpirits #gin #london @ Graphic instagr.am/p/L71hr1ARr0/
  • @Noodlefish: Fascinating afternoon with @BombaySpirits w/ @The_LCS – forgotten how much I like Bombay Dry!
  • @miss_glassy: Couldn’t help but try out a gin cocktail of course @The_LCS instagr.am/p/L8ICWFq9nd/
  • @Noodlefish: @swarebar Thank you. And thank you to @graphicbar for hosting and @GinMonkeyUK for organising
  • @Di9it8: Thanks to @swarebar #ginscents #ginflavours @BombaySpirits HT to @graphicbar for venue & @The_LCS for organising on.fb.me/LPI6IQ
  • @cocktaillovers: Thanks @swarebar @The_LCS @graphicbar @GinMonkeyUK for the fab #flavourexperience, looking forward to testing our gin aroma kit

We’d like to thank Sean for helping us to put together such a brilliant, and most importunately insightful afternoon, and also for creating such a great cocktail menu for us. Thanks also to all of the staff at Graphic, some of whom had to come in earlier than usual to help us out. Final thanks to Bombay Sapphire for providing the stock, and being kind enough to let our members take the amazing aroma kits away with them, we’ve been getting reports of them being used to great success at home!


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