March: Four Roses

At our March meeting we were lucky enough to have Mr Dan Priseman in session and tending stick behind the bar at Academy (formerly L.A.B).

Dan works for Four Roses bourbon, and also runs a blog called Bitters and Twisted. I imagine there’s very little you’d want to know about bourbon that this man doesn’t know! A veritable fountain of knowledge we were all looking forward to an evening learning loads about this wonderful category!

Academy were kind enough to give us most of the downstairs space for the evening, and Dan took up residency behind the bar to make us some fab cocktails. Made in jam jars we had the choice of a mint julep, kentucky lemonade and something yummy with peach, the name of which escapes me now! Aimed at being quick and simple to make (he was tending bar solo!), they were perfect for the evening and fantastically yummy too.

Part way through the night Dan talked through bourbon, it’s heritage, production methods, and the Four Roses brand specifically whilst we tasted the range starting with the Yellow Label (40% ABV). It was interesting to see opinion divided between whether people preferred the small batch (45% ABV) or single barrel (50% ABV).

A fantastically fun and educational evening all round we’d like to thank the guys at Academy for giving us the space, and the super awesome Dan for both tending stick and imparting some of his vast wisdom upon us.

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