March: Kamm & Sons at Detroit

March saw us venture into the subterranean bar that is Detroit in Covent Garden. The spirit in the spotlight was Kamm & Son’s Ginseng Spirit (formerly known as Kammerlings).

Upon arrival our members were treated to a Kamm & Sons on the rocks before settling into the ‘bat cave’ to hear owner and founder Alex Kammerling talk us through his most unusual spirit.

Alex gave us a quick intro as to what his spirit is (it is neither gin nor aperitif, instead falling into its own band new category of ginseng spirit), his inspiration behind the brand, his experiences in setting up an entirely new brand, and the challenges he faced in the process. A fascinating story presented by a brilliant bartender who gained important insights into the industry through his time tending stick and working as an ambassador for world renowned spirit brands: Martin Millers Gin and Grey Goose Vodka.

The Kamm & Sons cocktails on offer were fantastic! Most designed by Alex himself, at the credit-crunch busting price of just £5, the consensus was that they were too good for their own good…in every sense of the word it seems as ginseng’s meant to be good for you! Alex took the opportunity over a few cocktails to chat to our members in a more informal setting about his plans for the future…very exciting! All I can say is that there are interesting things a-foot!

All in all a great evening with brilliant cocktails and great company. Recipes for a few of the drinks are below:

The Grosvenor

Small cocktail glass

Stir with cubed ice

Lemon peel
75ml Kamm & Sons
20ml Punt e Mes
5ml Islay whisky
The Tipping Point

Build over cubed ice
Orange zest
30ml Kamm & Sons
30ml Chase Marmalade
15ml Punt E Mes

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