May: The Zetter Townhouse (exclusive preview)

Such is our reputation for enjoying a good drink, we are often fortunate to be invited to give new bars the once over before they formally open for business.  One such occasion was the hotly anticpated opening of the Zetter Townhouse, a quirky but endearing hotel in Clerkenwell.  In place of the usual hotel reception, the entire ground floor is given over to the cocktail bar, put together in collaboration with Tony Conigliaro and Camille Hobby-Limon of 69 Colebrooke Row fame.

With such a pedigree behind them, its fair to say we were expecting big things from the cocktails, but the decor was the first thing to take our breath away when we arrived.  The idea behind the look of the bar is that it looks like the living room of Aunt Wilhelmina who is a well-travelled but eccentric character.  Cue all manner of oddities ranging from cats holding umbrellas to boxing kangaroos and seating that looks as though it has travelled the world.  Different yes, but also incredibly cosy and welcoming.

Members enjoyed discounted rates on the drinks, allowing everyone to check out the full menu should they so desire!  A particular hit was the ‘Master at Arms’, a mix of port evaporation, myers rum and grenadine served in a small coupette with fine string tied into a sailors knot around the stem.  When they weren’t drinking their way through the menu, members enjoyed a bite or two to eat and tried their hand at table tennis in the games room downstairs.  This bar is sure to become a firm favourite.

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