November: FONO with Monkey Shoulder

Canon you say? With popcorn? Well that could only be epic right? Especially if you throw in a few cocktails, and especially if one of said cocktails was designed by the crazy talented Tom Walker of the American Bar at The Savoy! Following on from our epic evening with Monkey Shoulder whisky last year, the night themed around Tom’s cocktail: the popcorn flip returned. One metric tonne of popcorn. One new home in Shoreditch. The lovely glass-half-full-not-empty @fullpint reports on our evening:

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you’ll be blissfully unaware that the lovely people from Monkey Shoulder have been running a series of themed pop up nights, ‘For One Night Only’, in and around central London. Last year saw a barrage of events, with something like ten in the space of around fourteen weeks. You’ll forgive your humble reviewer for being hazy on the exact figures, as many cocktails have been consumed since and the brain cells responsible for storing that data have well and truly gone to the big cocktail bar in the sky.

This year the events are less frequent, but bigger and most definitely better. The one I was lucky enough to attend with the LCS was their ‘Pop Corn Flip’ event. This one, like many of the others, was in some railway arch or other in trendy Hoxton.

The evening began with the usual clipboard/name check routine, and once past that we were presented with three poker chips and a protective boiler suit. Having been to the event the year before, I took this in my stride, popped off my boots (a trick learnt from last year) and donned the suit in double quick time. My +1 however, was now terrified…. “You said we were going to a cocktail night, not some Breaking Bad convention!”.

Once suited (and re-booted) we were allowed to enter the main room. The first thing to hit you is the popcorn. And I mean literally. In the face. That will be the popcorn cannon then, being operated by some glee faced little monkeys. Their aim was good, and all guests were welcomed with a similar blast of popped corn. After recovering from the shock, you notice that you are in a large set of railway arches with around 150 other boiler suit toting cocktail lovers. There was something slightly unnerving about this, and I now know how ET felt when he really wanted to phone home.

Other than the popcorn cannon, there was a bouncy castle (covered in popcorn) and a ball pit (full of popcorn, obvz) – in fact there was over one metric tonne of popcorn ‘in use’, enough apparently for 7,000 trips to the flicks. So if you were in Hoxton last Thursday and were wondering why there was a faint sniff of popcorn in the air, now you know.

The main reason for being there though, was for the cocktails, and there were five drinks to choose from, Rusty Nail, Boulevardier, Popcorn Flip, a lovely ginger/beer/citrus number and a couple of other tasty libations each available for the exchange of one poker chip, and each made using Monkey Shoulder by some of London’s finest. And that’s not all, not only did they mix your excellent drinks, there was also a masterclass to learn how to make the drinks on offer. This, I think, was my favourite part, not least because it offered the chance to snaffle a fourth cocktail, as you then have to drink your concoction. Yes, that extra dash of something really does make a difference.

So, well done Monkey Shoulder and thank you for an excellent evening. Be sure to keep an eye on their website for details of future events.

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  1. this was a fantastic event!!

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